Now Hold on a minute !!!!!

These foods make you sleepy

1/ Hummus….tryptophan

2/Salmon….B6 melatonin……zzzz

3/Wallnuts…. tryptophan and melatonin

4/Lettuce… for Sherlock Holmes…Opium type…..I don’t eat a big volume of it! Phew!

5/Prawns…… tryptophan

6/Banana…….normally taken in milk shakes for energy….this actually relaxes the muscles & sends you to sleep. How you don’t fall out of your tree is really beyond me. B6 converts triptophan to serotonin

7/Cherries….melatonin to sleep better.

8/Honey……Trigger for orexin production that says “Don’t stay awake!”

9/Dark Chocolate……serotonin packed

10/ White Bread …….glucose zips into your bloodstream and makes you feel spent.

11/Turkey…..I fall asleep after just about every Christmas feast thinking it was the Bucks Fizz, & Wine. Tryptophan it’s you!!

12/Oatmeal….Breakfast time. Insulin level goes up and you want to sleeeeeeeep. The melatonin again.

OK . I like Red meat & have a sweet tooth so I’d better stop!

A lot of these we eat at lunch time. I can have afternoon naps….

Big dolop of hummus at bed time on pitta would be something new.

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