What if?

What if……? 
What if… the sun was purple, 
sky was red 
and grass was blue? 

What if… clouds never ever moved, 
because they were tied up, 
with giant pieces of string? 

What if… it rained up, 
from out of the earth 
and rivers flowed up the mountains, 
from the sea? 

What if… the sun set on time on Monday, 
rose ten minutes late on Tuesday 
and never showed up on Wednesday? 

What if… pigs flew 
and birds didn’t? 

What if… babies gave milk to cows? 

What if… we all had two heads? 
Would we ever be able to make our minds up 
and say: ‘One head is better than two’? 

What if… flowers walked up and picked us? 
Would a sign go up 
saying: ‘Keep off the humans’? 


What if… we never aged beyond 21 
and remained eternally young? 

What if… there was no such thing as a kiss, 
no embrace, 
no emotions, 
no evidence or inkling of Love? 

What if… everyone was called Me? 
Hello Me! 
Hi Me. 
Have you seen Me lately? 
Me’s just had a baby girl! 
Me and Me’s OK, doing really well! 

What if… we never needed any clothing 
with nothing to hid, 
living real transparent lives? 

What if… you could read me like a book? 
Before I’d even speak to ask 
you’d let me know what, 
you needed for lunch? 


What if we’d look different every day? 
Wake up with blue eyes one day 
and green the next. 
Blond one day, 
then bald and perplexed. 
Choose our height 
and our waist. 
Select our parents, siblings 
our background and race. 

What if what you see is all that you can believe? 
When everything’s been used up 
That’s it! 
Time to leave! 

What if the visible is n’t what matters 
and matter is n’t what it seems to be? 
What if the invisible world of the supernatural, 
is the key? 

What if the finish is the start 
and infinity is in the here and now? 


What if we were unacquainted with our thoughts? 
Totally passive with no ideas of anything, 
being bad or good? 
No need to take a risk, 
or make a choice. 
Eve left the apple alone, untouched, 
wrapped in its’ own cotton wool. 

What if we were made knowing all, 
there was to know? 
Would our world be a safer place, 
to live and grow? 
Would you mind if I was kind, 
gentle, loving and giving, 
or simply carry on greedily grabbing 
stripping bare and killing? 

What if Columbus had stayed at home , 
in bed with flu? 
Big Chief Sitting Bull ‘discovered’ Scunthorpe, 
in 1852? 

What if Lenin read Engels & Marx 
and realised Communism really was one 
Bolshoi Farce? 
What if Hitler was born a German Jew, 
would there been a really gross, 
Mein Kampf or two? 

What if the Cold War had been hot? 
Politicians telling the Truth, 
instead of perpetual lies. 
No need for an Iron Curtain, 
or a radio-active arms race, 
potential burial plot. 

What if ‘winners’ can be losers? 
and ‘losers’ winners? 
What if little kids are wise 
and old wise men foolish? 
What if to have it all, 
is to have nothing? 
and to have nothing, 
is to have it all? 

What if George Bush had lost the first election? 
Would 9.11 or Iraq turned out any differently? 
Only if only a blind eye was turned on the ‘playground bullies’. 
It might have been worse! 
What if you just turn your back on a problem, 
…….surely won’t’ it just go away? 
You have to make a stand and say enough is enough. 

Almost like; 
‘Its our world and we’d like it back!’ 
Yes! We can retake that which was ‘lost’. 
The battle has been won and the bully’s time is running out! 

‘OK. Just how can I make a stand?” 
“Can I make a difference?” 
“There must be something….?” 

‘Yeah you messed up big time last week!’ 
‘Lost your temper, 
shouted at the kids, 
kicked at the door…’

‘I’m sure I can do some thing to help?” 
“Can I do my bit to turn things round? “
“I could start by…..”

‘What’s the point?’ 
‘You’re just a worm, 
wasting your time!’ 
‘Go on then, 
Blow against a force 10 gale!’ 
‘What good can you do?’ 

Always doing good what is right and perfect. 
Is n’t this the struggle deep within us all? 
Being noble, the good guy, the hero. 

[Just an aside….cross between Fred Flintstone & John Wayne….] 

‘Can’t live up to being perfect.’ 
‘Never expected you to be!’ 

‘I want to be more serious!’ 
‘Chill out and have some fun!’ 

‘ Cut it out!’ 
‘Your scissors or mine?’ 

Put simply, 
If you want the Truth, 
We were never meant to go it alone, 
We were never meant to be on our own. 
Don’t just take it from me. 
Ask God to reveal himself to you, 
And he will show you Jesus the Son. 

I wrote this 2002/3 and found all the pages again today. I enjoyed it! 

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