It was a massive bobble

How’s it Going?

What’s up?

You know it was a massive bobble!

Tell me about it!

A really bad bounce.

An air shot.

And utter humiliation.

The ball is in the net.

Cast in the wilderness.

A laughing stock.

One night in Zagreb

Sounds like a song to forget.

Nothing of the sort!

Much more recent.

A Bobbie bottle?

You really are up to date!


Not that.

Ya big bobblehead.


Keep your cool.

Must be the time you got Elena’s bobble stuck in the photo copier then!

The lady was very nice on the other end of the phone.

How did you get the printer jam?


See my jumper.

The new one for Birthday or Christmas?


I had it washed.

The bobble on it was the size of our dog!

You are prone to exaggeration

And you are going to be prone to vegetation!


Cos I’m going to bash your teeth in!

Or as our Cassie would say,

I’m going to block your knock off.

Well it was a Massive bobble!

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