A Bit of Cooking Since Getting a new set of Exotic Spices 1

A Reworking of Steenbergs Tandoori Lamb using Prawns

I love Lamb as do my girls and while my mum cooked it under protest it is a red line for the Mrs so I thought OK swap 600 grams of Lamb for 200 grams of Prawns.

Overnight I put into the fridge 200g of Prawns mixed with 3 tbs of natural yoghurt & 15g of Tandoori Masala. Looked a pale pink by tea time the next day……..

I fried 1 Medium chopped Onion in 3 tsp of cooking oil & added

25g of grinded Cumin, 25g of fine Coriander, 10g of Chilli & then ¾ of a large tin of tomatoes for 15 minutes.

Grilling the prawns till done looked funny on a bed of foil & trying to turn them was funnier.

Cooking I cup of basmati rice with a bit of a Cinnamon stick as you wish.

We had to do Gluten Free Nan and embedded a good tbsp of fantastic Nigella seeds. Elena’s Nan was the best even though a tsp of sugar was replaced by a tbsp. To be honest the curry was blinking hot so extra sweetness was most welcome!!

Making 5 nan this way means you need another frying pan. But it is quick.

Mix 400g GF Self Raising Flour, Pinch of pepper & pinch of salt, ½ tsp of baking powder , 3 tsp of sugar. Add 100g Natural Yogurt & blend then 1tbsp of cooking oil ,adding 100ml of water & reblend until you have a ball.

Turn out onto a floured surface & split into 5 mixing in each 5 good pinches of Nigella Seeds.Flatten & leave for a couple of minutes while you heat the oil.Impossible not to get flour on your hands!! On a hot pan with little oil nan cooks quickly and the smell of Nigella is fantastic.

The Tandoori was blinking hot even with a low amount of chilli & sweet bread!!

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