A Bit of Cooking Since Getting a new set of Exotic Spices 2

New Territory.

Bill’s Baked Zaatar Salmon on a bed of vegetables.

OK! I’ll level with you this was partly a response to the too hot Prawn Tandoori……

Preheat the oven to 200c for 10 minutes and prepare:

Lightly grease a flat baking tray for the fish & find a deep baking tray for the veg.

I did 4 slices of salmon & enough veg for 4 or more. Depending on how many are feasting.

Get a medium bowl & put in 2 tsps of Zaatar, 1tbsp of Olive Oil & 1 tbsp of Lemon Grass Infused Rape Seed Oil. Mix and stand.

Peel & cut into cubes 2 medium sized yams. Quarter 9 Salad Potatoes. Chunk up 1 onion & 1 red pepper (or ½ red & ½ yellow or orange). Keep whole 8 cherry tomatoes. Bung the veg in the roasting tin & pour over the oil & Zaatar mix. Swish it round with your fingers & then cut 2 big oranges in half & squeeze the juice on & bung into the ready oven for 10 minutes.

Rescue the salmon & put it into the bowl & wipe the left over mixture.

Stand the salmon on the tray & dab on each a smidgen of soft cheese (not to be invasive) and give each salmon a serrano ham hat. Double check & add what is left from the bowl onto the hat!!!

After the 10 minute beep stir the veg, turn it & spoon over the juice in the pan. Put the tray on top & put both into the oven for 20 minutes.

The food should be hot, ready & stunning. Bon appetit!

They will rip your hand off!

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