A Bit of Cooking Since Getting a new set of Exotic Spices 4

New Territory.

Bill’s Piri Piri Turkey Kebabs without the sticks

We had 2 turkey steaks left in the fridge and yours truly was given the task of cooking them a la pronto.

OK! I got the grill warming for 10 minutes…..

Cut each steak into 2 or 3 strips & cut them 1 inch long or thereabouts.

Make a marinade of ½ heaped tsp Piri Piri,1 tsp Lemon Grass infused Cold Press Rape Seed Oil,1 tsp Olive Oil.

Cut ½ an onion up for grilling, ½ any pepper red or yellow, 2 tomatoes.

Stick everything under the grill then marinade everything. After 5 mins turn the meat & onion over & use rest of marinade.

We had some rice left from last recipe so we microwaved it for 2-3 minutes.

Everything was ready by the time I plated the rice.

Simple & very quick. The steaks lie flat so no need to use skewers!

Make sure tomatoes cut in half are topped up with olive oil if necessary.

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