A Bit of Cooking Since Getting a new set of Exotic Spices 5

A Bit of Cooking Since Getting a new set of Exotic Spices 5

New Territory.

Bill’s Malay Masala Chicken cooked slowly for 50 minutes.

OK.This really was unchartered stuff with an English twist.

This one is spices doing the talking!

Cut up 2 onions as fine as you can (this is to stop Mrs B from seeing them & fishing them out) & start frying them in a pan (with a lid on) in 2 tbsp of cooking oil. After 2 minutes add 2 large heaped tsp of Malay Masala and a heaped half tsp of Galangal. (Good for Morning Sickness & Bad Breath apparently but I would not know about either……)Add a drop of rapeseed oil infused with lemon grass and no other extra spices.

Slam in 8 chicken legs into the pan & stir over the mix & onions. Turn the chicken over to get both sides golden yellow for 3 minutes or so.

Sneak in the juice of half a lemon. Add a bit of boiled water to stop a frying effect. The chicken is about to be braised! Add into the pan 1 tin of tomatoes & just leave the red on top for 30 minutes. (I was feeling lazy perhaps….). Reduce the heat to a little bubble……

This gives you a chance to walk the dog,cut 2 apples small size,cube 1 red pepper & find a bag of sultanas & basmati rice.

On the ding put the rice on to boil. I have started using lots of boiled water in a pasta pot. A ready made drainer!!

Put the red pepper into the pan with chicken & stir everything now adding water if needed. The smell will be driving you crazy by now……

Add the apple & sultanas and in 15 minutes the chicken dish should be cooked. Taste & see. Leave to stand & concentrate on the rice…..Done.

The English twist is the apple & sultanas. Perfect though…..

The caution is the sultanas soaking up the orange sauce.

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