Time to start Living In the Unconditional Love of God

I know you love me when I’m good or behave myself.

Words of comfort & love flooding my innermost being.

Perfect peace,


Floating on cloud nine.

Unbroken contentment,

Inexplicable thoughts of wonder.

My reality.

My resting place.

The norm.

No strings attached.

No conditions.

Complete freedom.


Is n’t this just too big a Love to live in?

When I doubt?

When I’m scared?

Feeling fearful?

Loosing control?

Putting my foot in it as usual?

Lashing out and feeling quite small?

Going into my shell?

After spoiling it all?


You are still there for me!

After ALL that I’ve done?

What kind of love IS this?

Willing me on.

Picking me up.

Carrying me.

Through my darkest days.

Till the sun’s rays shine brightly again into my face?

Blindingly so!

So I’ll never be uncared for.

Never be left on my own.


I’ve always been known,

Since time began.

You are always in me,

With me,

By my constant side.


I think I’m going to explode

Love is bursting

You’ll have to pick the bits up!


I’m different on the inside!

What the?

I’ve been torpedoed.



Come out on the other side.


I’m stunned.


I AM alive.


I feel brand new.

New way of seeing.

New kind of thinking.

The rule book

Got torn up

I’m closing in

On you!

Your love HAS no limits.

Grace is endless.

Life is stupendous.

Did I climb this mountain?

Did I force my way here?

Don’t think so!

Simply caught in your air.

I feel as if I can glide away from here.

A kite?

An eagle?

A floating butterfly?

Up or down?

I have no idea?

Going where YOU take me

Simply as I am.

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