All good, so be encouraged

So is the earth huge? Or is it quite small?The reason why I’m asking is that a lot of people all over the world are discovering or rediscovering Jesus.

Same wave length through different continents & cultures.

Yes all it takes is a twinkling of an eye.

Be encouraged.

Some were conservative now Grace radicals.
Some were wild then bound by rules now being set free.
Some were cautious now chillin n carefree
Some worked tirelessly now taken their foot off the gas
Some were all knowers and are now like little kids
Some were feeling worthless and now are in the finest royal robes
Some beyond help now helping others out of trouble
Some were poor in school are brilliant teachers
Some felt inadequate or rejected now with father’s perfect ID

All belong and are accepted by the father
Christ in you the hope of Glory
Jesus is a mystery for everyone to discover
Simply taste ‘n see!

He holds everything and the whole world together.
And yet there is Perfect rest in his finished work
Be one
Joined to the Lord as one, in one.

Take it in.
Even if it leaves you stunned and breathless
Take it in
Feel the pull from within
Heart to Heart
Deep to Deep
Leap for Joy!
Crash in the Waves
Swim like a Dolphin
Hang on to play

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