When is simplicity simplicity?

Sometimes in cooking there is a temptation to go too far. But I think this is just a quick ready -steady-chomp.

2 medium lamb chops marinated in Ras al Hanut & olive oil.

Just one teaspoon of the vibrant mixture is enough for 2 chops.This one was                              paprika,cassia,cumin,ginger,coriander,turmeric’fennel,allspice,cardamon,dill,galangal, nutmeg,orris,chilli,bay,caraway,cloves,mace,cubeb,black cardamon,rose,saffron.                      3 hours in the marinade in the fridge.

I feel quite exhausted listing that lot but lets carry on….

At this stage you could prepare a Greek Salad & let it stand.                                                                  I just used 3 cherry toms cut in 1/2, 3 slices of cucumber cut into qtrs, green & black olives, feta, pinch of oregano & drizzle of olive oil. Mix & do not disturb….You could add red or yellow pepper & lettuce….(greedy)

15 minutes before you want to eat.                                                                                                              First get the grill on for 10 mins. The lamb takes 2 1/2 mins each side..(.or longer if you want a cremation)   You can grill a 1/2 a big tom & 1/4 red pepper (or what ever takes your fancy.)

Second boil a kettle. Add 200 mills of boiling water to 80 gm of plain couscous. Lob in a nice quality chicken stock pot. Leave for 5 mins & stir.

Third just after you start grilling heat up 1/2 an Italian Flat bread (or a whole one) for 3 minutes.

This works as a quick, simple meal for one. Is it simple ? I leave it with you!



















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