Simplicity 2

The idea of simple food being simple is often made complex. Really it does depend on what you have in reserve & what you have bought on impulse.Combine the two & explore your taste buds.

Today I was busy watching TV & it was lunch time + 10 minutes.

I fancied a play…..

1/Rescue a tin of mixed beans & drain all the sludge.Really drain it under fast water.

2/Slice up 1/3 of a red onion. As fine as you can.

3/Break off 3 small red cabbage leaves & cut as fine as you want.

I put half the beans in a bowl & added olive oil, balsamic vinegar, rioja vinegar, & oregano & added the red onion & red cabbage. Then I thought OK there is a lot here but lets stick all the beans in.Mix well & taste it as you go along. Add salt more herbs until you are happy.

Normally people add tuna but it takes time to soak. So as an idea try bresaola slices.

The conventional route is to go & add rocket & other salad so really it is entirely up to you.


The purple bean salad is enough. Simplicity is  almost like a detox.

I had Italian flat bread warmed in the oven for 3 minutes.

Glass of wine & all you need is the weather.

2 hours later you still have the flavours in your mouth.

Buon appetito!

It was fast food





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