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2016 was a bit of a stinker

Well is anyone happy about 2016?

Sure some people married,

others were seriously ill

or even had the audacity to go & die on us.

A few events have sown the seeds for 2017.

For those that like security





Forget it!

We are in for a heck of a ride

Will we agree with the show?

Major players pulling the strings?

I doubt it?

Are they really in any sort of control?

Stick with those that won’t let you down.

Actually forgive those that do

And bless them.

Its like heaping coals of kindness on those giving you a hard time!

You know what?

Things will change for the better after all.


3rd Time? Hope not!

1981 & 2005 – Two Interesting Years

Interesting Year 1981
1. Prince Charles got married.
2. Liverpool crowned soccer Champions of Europe .
3. Australia lost the Ashes.
4. The Pope died.

Interesting Year 2005
1. Prince Charles got married.
2. Liverpool crowned soccer Champions of Europe .
3. Australia lost the Ashes.
4. The Pope died.

Lesson to be learned:
The next time Charles gets married, someone should warn the Pope.

Garbage Collector

Part 1

A father is asked by his friend, “Has your son decided what he wants to be when he grows up?”

“Yes, he wants to be a garbage collector,” replied the boy’s father.

His friend thought for a moment and responded, “That’s a rather strange ambition to have for a career.”

“Well,” said the boy’s father, “he thinks that garbage collectors only work on Thurdays!”

Part 2

Garbage Collection is now a computer specialist profession. Agency work offers £39 an hour in UK. Working from home. Not to be sniffed at!!

When do you need success?

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Ukraine At 25

When Ukraine celebrates a quarter of a century of independence today, it’ll be under the barrel of a gun.

When Ukraine marks a quarter-century of independence today, it will be in the face of a massive disinformation campaign aimed at smearing and discrediting it in the eyes of the world.

When Ukraine celebrates a quarter-century of independence today, it’ll be in the shadow of threats from its larger northern neighbor.

And all this is because the very idea of an independent Ukraine is offensive to Vladimir Putin, who has famously said that Ukraine “isn’t a real country.”

But Putin is wrong.

Despite its very real problems, Ukraine is indeed a very real country — and it is a country that has, over the past quarter-century, represented the path not taken by Russia.

Since winning its independence following the breakup of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has become increasingly more democratic.

Russia has become markedly less so.

Since winning its independence, Ukraine has had five free, fair, and competitive presidential elections.

Russia has had none.

Since gaining independence, Ukrainian civil society has become stronger, more vibrant, and more influential.

In Russia, civil society has been steadily marginalized.

The Putin regime clearly sees the alternative model of governance that an independent Ukraine represents as a mortal threat.

And it is determined to crush it one way or another.

But thanks to Ukraine’s resilience, it’s failed so far.

So happy Independence Day, Ukraine._900dn_o3_n18_k

Time to start Living In the Unconditional Love of God

I know you love me when I’m good or behave myself.

Words of comfort & love flooding my innermost being.

Perfect peace,


Floating on cloud nine.

Unbroken contentment,

Inexplicable thoughts of wonder.

My reality.

My resting place.

The norm.

No strings attached.

No conditions.

Complete freedom.


Is n’t this just too big a Love to live in?

When I doubt?

When I’m scared?

Feeling fearful?

Loosing control?

Putting my foot in it as usual?

Lashing out and feeling quite small?

Going into my shell?

After spoiling it all?


You are still there for me!

After ALL that I’ve done?

What kind of love IS this?

Willing me on.

Picking me up.

Carrying me.

Through my darkest days.

Till the sun’s rays shine brightly again into my face?

Blindingly so!

So I’ll never be uncared for.

Never be left on my own.


I’ve always been known,

Since time began.

You are always in me,

With me,

By my constant side.


I think I’m going to explode

Love is bursting

You’ll have to pick the bits up!


I’m different on the inside!

What the?

I’ve been torpedoed.



Come out on the other side.


I’m stunned.


I AM alive.


I feel brand new.

New way of seeing.

New kind of thinking.

The rule book

Got torn up

I’m closing in

On you!

Your love HAS no limits.

Grace is endless.

Life is stupendous.

Did I climb this mountain?

Did I force my way here?

Don’t think so!

Simply caught in your air.

I feel as if I can glide away from here.

A kite?

An eagle?

A floating butterfly?

Up or down?

I have no idea?

Going where YOU take me

Simply as I am.

A Question on Gogot

If “Waiting for Godot” was written today.

Would it get a second look?

Uplifting absurdity, sweet tripe or waiting for something better?







A pinprick of light in a shaft of darkness?

A spectrum lost in banality?

Dare you decide or deride?

Cheer or sneer?

Time’s up!

I have n’t got all day.

Come on!

I can’t wait THAT long.

That’s not cricket!

Clean bowled before Beckett

The weather forecast

The weather forecast:-
Yes! You will have some.
Now leave me alone!
I want to get some sleep.
You want Saturday?
Ah OK!.
The sky is still in place
AND you will still have some weather.
Clear off!
What do you want out of a $37 billion system?
The moon?
Heavy rain and lots of cloud.
Just kidding!