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What kind of Love?

Love one another as I have loved you.

Love is great is n’t it?
We CAN all Love can’t we?
Wait a minute….It seems not so obvious.
The inner circle that had seen Jesus up close
was given a command.

Huh? What kind of LOVE is it then?

Agapé a selfless, giving, laying down kind of Love.
A Love that seeks no reward.
A Love that will burn with compassion for others.
A Love that will compel you.
A Love that will move mountains
A Love bringing tenderness and leaving you weak at the knees.
A Love rising up towards all, regardless of age,gender,race
or peer self imposed disqualification.

If you struggle to love yourself or think you ‘re not up to it right now ,

Christ living within you will gently see you through.

2016 was a bit of a stinker

Well is anyone happy about 2016?

Sure some people married,

others were seriously ill

or even had the audacity to go & die on us.

A few events have sown the seeds for 2017.

For those that like security





Forget it!

We are in for a heck of a ride

Will we agree with the show?

Major players pulling the strings?

I doubt it?

Are they really in any sort of control?

Stick with those that won’t let you down.

Actually forgive those that do

And bless them.

Its like heaping coals of kindness on those giving you a hard time!

You know what?

Things will change for the better after all.


When do you need success?

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Funny is n’t it?


from day one,

We are


to question.

“What was that?”

“How did that


“Where did that

come from?”


The wonder

of things


around us

can be


After all

that’s what

Dads are for!

If only

things were

that simple.

Some things

just can’t

be worked out,

Can they?


The blinking

“why” word.

Things were


or white,



n’ neat.


the wrecker

of perfect


The enemy of

self contained logic,

Now things are

open ended

and raggedly


Everything is

not boxed off,

Know what

I mean?


picture bliss,

a perfect

summer’s day.


in the garden,

Getting underway.

Before you take

your first bite,

You hear

right in yer face,

Blinking neighbour’s

chain saw

The other side

of the fence.



a break,


some Peace.

As the battle

is being lost.

An aircraft

seems to take,

Too much


in your

Pasta Bake.


Now I start


This time

a screaming

child’s refrain.


When will

it end?

Barking dogs,


car doors,


telephone calls.


That’s it!

I’m going in!


Forgot my hat,

Hay fever,


my eyes.

It was


while it


How long?


You asking?

Another try?





All good, so be encouraged

So is the earth huge? Or is it quite small?The reason why I’m asking is that a lot of people all over the world are discovering or rediscovering Jesus.

Same wave length through different continents & cultures.

Yes all it takes is a twinkling of an eye.

Be encouraged.

Some were conservative now Grace radicals.
Some were wild then bound by rules now being set free.
Some were cautious now chillin n carefree
Some worked tirelessly now taken their foot off the gas
Some were all knowers and are now like little kids
Some were feeling worthless and now are in the finest royal robes
Some beyond help now helping others out of trouble
Some were poor in school are brilliant teachers
Some felt inadequate or rejected now with father’s perfect ID

All belong and are accepted by the father
Christ in you the hope of Glory
Jesus is a mystery for everyone to discover
Simply taste ‘n see!

He holds everything and the whole world together.
And yet there is Perfect rest in his finished work
Be one
Joined to the Lord as one, in one.

Take it in.
Even if it leaves you stunned and breathless
Take it in
Feel the pull from within
Heart to Heart
Deep to Deep
Leap for Joy!
Crash in the Waves
Swim like a Dolphin
Hang on to play

Time to start Living In the Unconditional Love of God

I know you love me when I’m good or behave myself.

Words of comfort & love flooding my innermost being.

Perfect peace,


Floating on cloud nine.

Unbroken contentment,

Inexplicable thoughts of wonder.

My reality.

My resting place.

The norm.

No strings attached.

No conditions.

Complete freedom.


Is n’t this just too big a Love to live in?

When I doubt?

When I’m scared?

Feeling fearful?

Loosing control?

Putting my foot in it as usual?

Lashing out and feeling quite small?

Going into my shell?

After spoiling it all?


You are still there for me!

After ALL that I’ve done?

What kind of love IS this?

Willing me on.

Picking me up.

Carrying me.

Through my darkest days.

Till the sun’s rays shine brightly again into my face?

Blindingly so!

So I’ll never be uncared for.

Never be left on my own.


I’ve always been known,

Since time began.

You are always in me,

With me,

By my constant side.


I think I’m going to explode

Love is bursting

You’ll have to pick the bits up!


I’m different on the inside!

What the?

I’ve been torpedoed.



Come out on the other side.


I’m stunned.


I AM alive.


I feel brand new.

New way of seeing.

New kind of thinking.

The rule book

Got torn up

I’m closing in

On you!

Your love HAS no limits.

Grace is endless.

Life is stupendous.

Did I climb this mountain?

Did I force my way here?

Don’t think so!

Simply caught in your air.

I feel as if I can glide away from here.

A kite?

An eagle?

A floating butterfly?

Up or down?

I have no idea?

Going where YOU take me

Simply as I am.

A Question on Gogot

If “Waiting for Godot” was written today.

Would it get a second look?

Uplifting absurdity, sweet tripe or waiting for something better?







A pinprick of light in a shaft of darkness?

A spectrum lost in banality?

Dare you decide or deride?

Cheer or sneer?

Time’s up!

I have n’t got all day.

Come on!

I can’t wait THAT long.

That’s not cricket!

Clean bowled before Beckett