A Bit of Cooking Since Getting a new set of Exotic Spices 3

New Territory.

Bill’s Lebanese 7 Chicken cooked as fast as you can, slowly.

OK I admit it! I like to make food recipes up as I go along. If it works, it works! My Guinea Pigs happily eat stuff if I get it wro…..what am I saying?

This one is simplicity gone mad.

Cut up an onion as fine as you can & start frying it in a pan (with a lid on) in 2 tbsp of cooking oil.

We had 6 or 8 mini boned chicken thighs so I cut the meat up getting 3 strips on each then ½ an inch long. I put the chicken in a sieve & poured boiling hot water over. This turns the chicken from pink to white!

With most of the water out bung the meat into the onions!!

Add 1 heaped tsp of Steenbergs Lebanese 7 to the mix & after grinding ½ a tsp of Cumin seed add that. Stir & get the lid on as fast as you can!

Cut up 2 yams & cube & microwave in water for 3 minutes.

While waiting I put the rice on 1/2 cup easy cook+1/2 basmati.

I added a cut up green pepper to the mix and then the yams and water. With a big stir it’s the water that cooks the chicken!!!More boiled than fried!! After 3 minutes the smell is right though the house!!. I looked to add diced apricots but substituted a mega handful of sultanas. A lot of liquid remained and within 5 more minutes everything was cooked.

I can assure you that is fast for me!!.

The mix of cumin,Lebanese 7 & sultanas is a winner!!

The mixture looks like mud & black pepper specs but keep your eyes open!

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